PDU (POWER DISTNBUTION UNIT), provides the most professional and diversified power distribution unit, supports taking power from mains, UPS, power distribution cabinets and other power output mod

 KVM is the short name of Keyboard , Video and Mouse. As a multi-computer control platform,users can access or monitor multiple computers and servers easily through a single KVM switch console. Th

 UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), that is, uninterruptible power supply, is a system equipment that connects batteries (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free batteries) with the load, and provides

 Racks are generally made of cold-rolled steel plates or alloys to store computers and related control equipment. They can provide protection for storage equipment, shield electromagnetic interfer

 Provide stable and reliable IDC for the computer room and detect the working temperature, relative humidity, and air cleanliness of the computer room. It has the characteristics of high sensible

 1. Reybow's dynamic environment monitoring system greatly improves the user's monitoring experience of a single-cabinet micro-module data center, and comprehensively improves the reliabil

 The precision power distribution cabinet is an intelligent power distribution cabinet that comprehensively collects all energy data for the energy terminal of the data center room, and provides h