1. Reybow's dynamic environment monitoring system greatly improves the user's monitoring experience of a single-cabinet micro-module data center, and comprehensively improves the reliability, security, comprehensiveness and availability of a single-cabinet-based micro-module data center.
2. The monitoring system supports Android (tablet, mobile phone) localized APP display, which greatly improves the readability of the single-cabinet micro-module data center, allowing users to easily detect single-cabinet micro-modules through display terminals such as 7-inch, 10-inch tablet computers and even mobile phones. The health of the module data center.
3. The monitoring host adopts a 19-inch 1U rack-mount design, making the single-cabinet module data center seamless and beautiful.
4. The standardized interface (RJ45/Phoenix terminal) makes the sensor access easier.
5. Supports various configuration management methods such as Telnet, HyperTerminal Web browsing service, etc.
6. Provide a variety of alarm functions (SMS, email, local sound and light, etc.) to control the operation status of the single-cabinet micro-module data center at any time, which is convenient and easy.