Small Data Center

Machine room features:
●The area is less than 150㎡.
●The number of cabinets is generally between 3 and 15.
●Single rack load is between 3kW and 10kW.
●There is generally no raised floor.
●365×24 hours of uninterrupted operation.
Main requirements:
●Reliability: high reliability is required, and the system has an emergency treatment plan.
●Energy-saving: Apply high-energy-efficiency equipment, take into account system energy-saving design, operation energy-saving and design energy-saving.
●Economy: the overall investment is optimal, and the capital cost can be reduced by investing in batches.
●Construction mode: The construction speed is required to be fast, and the capacity can be expanded in stages.
●Maintainability: The maintenance cost is the lowest, the maintenance professional requirements are the lowest, and the maintenance difficulty is the least.

Recommended plan:
Aitewang BL row-level modular data center solution
The BL row-level modular data center integrates subsystems such as cabinets, AC uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution, variable-capacity computer room precision air conditioning, and emergency ventilation. It has the characteristics of flexible configuration, rapid construction, energy saving and high efficiency.
●Flexible configuration
The cooling capacity of a single air conditioner is optional from 5.5kW to 38kW.
UPS capacity is optional from 10kVA to 200kVA.
Output power distribution can be customized according to the number of channels and single-channel capacity.
There are many types of individually enclosed cold pools, individually enclosed hot aisles, both cold pools and hot aisles.
●Rapid construction
All components will be shipped together and will enter the site at the same time.
Components are designed for quick installation and standardized installation process.
It only takes a few weeks to complete the selection, procurement, delivery, and construction of the data center
●Energy saving and high efficiency
The special air conditioner for the computer room is installed in a row, close to the heat source, and the nearest cooling.
The variable capacity computer room air conditioner is adopted, the cooling capacity is flexible and adjustable, and the load following technology is adopted.
CoolRow in-row air conditioners (link) are used for in-row air conditioners with a single cooling capacity of more than 25kW.
UPS efficiency ≥94%.
The data center PUE value is low.