Medium & Large Data Centers
Modular data centers are economical, collaborative, intelligent and efficient.
Aitewang BM modular data center can effectively save the floor space of the computer room, and increase the capacity of the computer room under the condition that the total area of ​​the computer room remains unchanged. Each module is independent of each other and can be deployed as one by one module, which can save initial investment, save operation/management/expansion costs, and significantly reduce TCO.
AiteNet Energy BM modular data center adopts standard and integrated subsystems, which can significantly reduce the design and implementation cycle. All subsystems in the module are uniformly debugged, shipped, and installed to ensure the matching between subsystems; and unified training, spare parts, emergency treatment, and routine maintenance are provided to effectively improve work efficiency.
The inter-column machine room air conditioner used in Aitewang BM modular data center has load following technology, which can follow the real-time change of the load, and predict the load heating trend through intelligent algorithms, so as to adjust the flexible output of the cooling capacity, so that the cooling capacity of the air conditioner can be adjusted according to the load. The heat generation is highly matched to avoid wasting energy by overheating or excessive cooling.
The precision power distribution system used in the BM modular data center of AiteNet Energy has accurate load monitoring, which can predict the system redundancy in time and provide accurate data for operation, capacity expansion and transformation.
The data center management system used in the Aitewang BM modular data center can manage the power, environment and safety of the modules in real time to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the computer room.
Compared with the traditional data center, the Aitewang BM modular data center can save up to 30% of the comprehensive power, and can increase the power density of the cabinet by more than 30% compared with the traditional data center, and the PUE value is lower.