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Thanks to the powerful Windows 7 Ultimate operating system, Microsoft offers the most effective and comprehensive version of the Windows 7 series. Small businesses and discerning users will receive support to obtain better results, appropriate to their goals. In addition to the basic programs, the complete package includes various new functions for the professional sector.

Fast, efficient, clean

Windows 7 Ultimate shows general optical improvements, such as removing the sidebar from the previous version of Windows Vista. Now you have the option to place widgets anywhere on your desktop. Important programs and applications are quickly available and run in a work environment designed by you. In addition, tried and tested programs such as Paint and WordPad got a ribbon menu bar to further enhance the overview.

Microsoft has optimized Win 7 Ultimate at the system level. These include the improvement of the management of External Devices and the introduction of DirectX 11, resulting in a powerful system that can handle even the most complex graphics processes. Windows 7 Ultimate also has alternative input devices such as tablets with the appropriate functions. This includes, for example, Multi-Touch. The optimization process is also improved by the fact that the system requirements of Win 7 Ultimate are lower than those of Windows Vista.

New functions support the work process

Microsoft has included many features and programs in Windows 7 Ultimate to help you get the most out of your computer. These include Device Stages, which help you manage External Devices more efficiently. Libraries also help you keep track of important documents and folders in Explorer. Data and programs can now be accessed quickly using the jump lists.

The so-called Problem Steps Recorder in Win 7 Ultimate gives you a detailed overview of the problems that arise. The operating system is supported by the new Security Center in which the firewall and virus scanner are monitored.

Safety is the top priority

Microsoft has also worked on security issues: Windows 7 Ultimate now comes standard with biometric authentication that allows you to log into your profile with your fingerprint. In addition, you have the option of granting increased rights to certain users. Additionally, Win 7 Ultimate works with a system program whitelist where no additional confirmation is required during execution. In turn, with the help of a blacklist, you can track critical programs, which are then treated separately during use.

To further optimize the workflow, the developers removed various features of Microsoft Windows7 Ultimate and replaced them with new, more useful ones. These include support for Windows Server Domains and XP mode in which you can use older programs. Only Win 7 Ultimate offers the possibility of using the Bitlocker hard drive encryption program, as well as the ability to run virtual hard drives in VHD format.

General functions

All in all, if you decide to use this system, you will have to think about many features. Here is a quick overview:

Equipped with entertainment and business functions of the Home Premium and Professional versions.

Improved desktop navigation

Start programs faster and help you find documents

XP programs work fine

It allows you to view, pause, rewind and record media on your computer.

Creates a home network for connecting to devices

Data protection with BitLocker and BitLocker To Go

Technical improvements to connections

Better game performance

Multiple files are supported

System requirements

Now that you have all of these features in mind, you can buy Windows 7 right away! But first make sure it works on your computer. To run this system, your computer needs to

1GHz processor or higher

At least 32 bit RAM

64 bit RAM (supports 32 and 64 bit)

In most cases, almost every computer supports Windows 7 Ultimate! Make sure your computer has the correct processor and enough RAM. In that case, there should be no problem installing this new version of Windows. Installation will be painless and fast!

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Note:  This offer does not include the product key sticker (COA label). This offer is addressed to both private individuals and companies, business clients, authorities, organizations, schools, communities and churches.

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